Mr. X

mini gypsy stallion training

Learning to bow down

CURRENT UPDATE: The Executive now lives in Texas and is gelded. His progeny are appreciated and include the foundation International Mini Gypsy Stud…Bellbottom Tupenny registered with IGEA.

Check out Tupenny’s page among the stallions at:

The following was posted from back when he lived at Bellbottom Farm:

Mr. X  has the X-factor for sure, this son of the famous “Producer” stallion is registered with Gypsy Horse Association as The Executive.  Mr. is our next step in the formation of excellent mini gypsy breeding stock.

Mr. was trained to drive last winter by Rollie Hutchinson of Orion, IL who helped to present him to the public at the 2011 Illinois Horse Fair.  Currently in ride training at Bellbottom Farm.

The Producer is a stallion who is quite famous in the UK (he is a son of the original Roadsweeper UK), and was used as a popular sire until he came to the USA in 2009 I believe, from the Tom Price herd in Wales.  He was referred to by many different names in the UK  including The Buck Horse, The Kent Horse,  The 25-Grand Horse, and Goldenrod.  Here is a page honoring him:

The last and 3rd from last pictures in the album below are from Producer’s new home at LexLin in TN at their 2009 open house.

Here is a youtube video of The Producer:

You may also enjoy seeing The Executive’s nice page at Blarney Stone’s website from when he was younger; he did produce a very nice colt in his almost exact image, for Blarney Stone in 2011, so look him up there as well.  Mr. X has a wonderful pedigree documented as well, which is near the bottom of this page link:

UPDATE:  Most recent pictures including jumping shots are from February 2013

Roadsweeper UK grand-sire to Executive

Roadsweeper UK grand-sire to Executive

Mr X shows similar quality to grandsire

Mr X shows similar quality to grandsire

Executive event Executive jump Executive jump2 Executive trot Executive  nose Executive up


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