The International Gypsy Equine Association inception was in January 2016 when the website came online to guide and record the development of this new horse ; a  truly miniature size gypsy! …as well as other gypsy cob blends in their varied sizes. This new effort offers what NO OTHER REGISTRY of gypsy and part gypsy stock offers:   RECORD OF GET OF PART BRED STALLIONS.  THIS IS NEEDED for the development of the miniature gypsy horse!!!!

But more importantly, IGEA provides a platform for membership organization and service! This is building slowly but surely and we actually have quite a few purebred from imported gypsy cob horses recorded in the registry already!


Congratulations to The Gambler and Epona Ponies in Oregon as winners of the first big award, 2016 Year End Event Award!

Bellbottom Farm fully supports the efforts of the International Gypsy Equine Association and its studbook development!  Please go visit the new website and see what it is all about!  IGEA also welcomes any and all sizes of gypsy horses and blends!


(the above site can also be accessed by searching “minigypsyhorse.com”)

We hope that this effort will help centralize and focus resources that will continue to add value for the gypsy/pony and miniature horse crosses that are being made in North America and otherwise internationally.  The new endeavor will no doubt continue to grow and minor changes and improvements will help to provide excellent service FOR MEMBERS….this is the primary goal to help members network to find what they seek, and to enjoy the blessings of finding this special equine….and for recording the pedigrees of our new breed of miniature horse.  We also hope to provide resources to help guide others involved in the process of “breeding up” to develop the mini gypsy horse!  The goal is to keep it all easy and fun as possible, so please consider supporting this new endeavor if you have such crosses that might fit into this long term plan.  Thank you for your support!



  1. Shawn Gilmour says:

    Excited !! Keep me posted !!

  2. that is good news to hear way to go

    • minigypsy1 says:

      Thank you, Carol and Shawn for your notes of support and welcome! I think this is a great step for the future of the mini gypsy horse in USA and possibly world-wide. It will be SO MUCH NICER to not have to hand out a page long explanation of where we fit into the whole picture of the gypsy horse saga, with all the different registries and who will register crosses or not….we will now have our own domain to establish and grow from!!!! It is an exciting time….

      PS: Plus, I think it is highly likely that this registry will offer, besides excellent registry service, other options for enjoying your little gypsy horses, should you decide to become involved in the evolution of this new breed. We believe in keeping the outlook for this process POSITIVE and hope to offer a supportive community interaction with a fun web based connection for the far flung reaches of the people who are getting in on the ground floor of this effort. We want people to enjoy these horses and treasure what their best points are (based in what they will inherit from excellent quality gypsy cob bloodstock) and hope to be perpetuated into the future, with building a high quality gene pool. It is not a project for the faint of heart…and yet we also want to help reward and keep those who are involved, energized and focused for the long term which is what anyone who becomes involved, should expect. It is not about a quick one-cross and that is it; it is about creating perfection. That cannot be done in one generation, for any breeding program. But if you have the magic wand/hand whatever it takes to do such a thing you are welcome to come aboard and help create a smoother process!
      sorry Carol I think I mixed messages here with thinking about “jak’s” question again!

  3. jak says:

    I don’t see how you can have a mini gypsy cob that is a cross?? There are already mini gypsy cobs that are pure bred??

    • minigypsy1 says:

      Yes, jak, you can spend $15,000 to $20,000 per animal to import a “purebred” what they are calling mini gypsy (based on my own promotions) prior to that they called their small gypsy cobs, “littles”, pony cobs, etc. The whole mini gypsy terminology changed directly after I made my open group on facebook, and invited people to talk about the “miniature gypsy horse” and the breeders in UK/Ireland did come forward and offer their small cobs for sale to the public. However, as I expected, people in USA are in actually looking forward to the truly miniature gypsy horse that is under ten hands and reflects the qualities and looks of the wagon horse that people have learned to love….beauty, sweet/friendly/kind temperaments and easy to handle equines for the retirement crowd of baby boomers and others…..virtually everyone that hears of the idea says, Oh! that is going to be amazing! It is simply the process of getting there that is causing the confusion. So you are welcome to join into the PROCESS of creating a very special equine, or you can do your own thing, I don’t want to change your mind about anything you feel oddly about. Thank you for your interest.


      PS: Let me clarify; you can easily find 12 hand range pony cobs from UK/Irish gypsy breeders, to purchase and import. Help yourself!!!

  4. Kara says:

    Who would I speak to about selling a registered mini gypsy colt. Kjf1974@gmail.com

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