Miniature Gypsy Horse Association

Currently we have a new effort at organizing promotion for the development of the miniature gypsy horse and it is being organized on Facebook.  Please inquire and join in there to become involved in Mini Gypsy development in North America; we are hoping to link interest in this new equine world wide.

This organization designed to be a full service for members kind of endeavor, is the IGEA:  International Gypsy Equine Association.

The IGEA serves all gypsy horse blends for registration purposes and has organized the stud books according to member need.  The website was installed in January 2016 and our first year saw a member rewarded for activities during the year!  Congratulations to Epona Ponies and their purebred imported gypsy cob pony, The Gambler.

You can search facebook for more info about IGEA and its member group as well as the registry page; also we have Bellbottom Farm page and a group for those who want to follow our horsey topics and posts on a more frequent basis than the business page: Friends who like Bellbottom Farm ….as well as our group page started in 2012 called Mini Gypsy Horse….these are the place to be!

Bellbottom Farm in 2017 is deeply into its design plan for creating a new breed of truly miniature gypsy horse that honors and totally reflects the foundation imported horses and ponies that have come to be loved world-wide.  We appreciate using IGEA resources to help work our way thru this process to a new breed!

I do still have an old group still hanging around for reference at yahoo:

The above group was started pre-Facebook for us, and shifted over to the Facebook experience in 2012.  Or, you are welcome to join the world wide fanciers of the mini gypsy on Facebook at:

Bellbottom Farm has presented our gypsy cobs at the Illinois Horse Fair several times, beginning in 2009 I believe with Lex/Cold Fusion and our two fillies, QT and Dolly.  In 2011 we had two stallions to exhibit, Lex and Mr/The Executive.  In March 2012 at the  Illinois Horse Fair we presented our purebred gypsy stallion, The Executive who is just under 13 hands tall; our 3/4 bred gypsy cob colt “Doc” 11.2 hands; and our yearling “Lil Lex” maturing under 11 hands tall….and so on for five years we made the effort to get our ponies out into the public eye.  This year we are going to focus on a new venue at DesMoines Iowa with the Iowa Horse Fair, and follow up with various show opportunities.

Here is a link to view our Horse Fair Stallion/Breed presentation from back then:

You are welcome to call us at (Cell 309-540-0181) and discuss where your place in the future of the mini gypsy will be.

We are also on Facebook (Melanie Block) and administer the group there, Mini Gypsy Horse.   It is quite interesting to see the pictures that are shared of 10-13 hand fully feathered horses.  The UK and Irish breeders support this Mini Gypsy Horse group on Facebook fairly well and in fact number the vast majority of the almost 5000 international members at this time in 2017.  They find it valuable to see who has good small cob stock even among themselves; a lot of the horse sales are still done at various horse fairs around UK/Ireland but the group provides a good resource for networking and sometimes gives a heads-up about which horses might be available at a certain horse fair.  We are able to discuss bloodlines and learn more about many aspects of the mini gypsy horse in development; moreover we enjoy looking at various breeders’ horses which are not in general available online on websites.  You are welcome to join and learn as well!


26 Responses to Miniature Gypsy Horse Association

  1. ponymom says:

    I would like to learn more about the Miniature Gypsy Horse Association.
    Thank you.

    • minigypsy1 says:

      Hello! I am happy to talk more with you on the phone if you want to call 309-540-0181. So far there are just a handful of us who are pulling together a plan for moving forward into the future, utilizing the American Draft Pony registry if needed, as well as the current gypsy horse registries that deal with part-breds, and approaching the AMHR to ask for a new division for a miniature gypsy horse to be developed with them. We have drawn up a breed standard in the interim and I hope to get a group of us together for an informal meeting at my farm, so that people can see and touch the ponies who are maturing from crosses I have already made. They are much more impressive in person, I am not gifted enough in photography to make them as magical as they are in the flesh. Of my own mini crosses I have made so far, two fillies are maturing only 36″ and I am extremely happy with their feather quality. I also have a yearling colt that I have kept back because I think he is exceptional.

  2. ponymom says:

    Thank you for the prompt reply – I will call as soon as I get a minute , that is an uninterrupted minute… :o)

  3. Tami Mulder says:

    I am most interested as well, please keep me posted as to updates!

  4. Donna says:

    i would be interested in learning more about your gypsy cross silver dapple, 2011. I love dapples and have been looking for a smaller sized gypsy horse. Can you somehow send me a picture of him @my email address listed below?
    Also, the possibility of investing in the future of the mini gypsy by either co-owning a stallion or exploring a starter breeding package with fillies from your herd sounds like something i would very much like to explore w/you.
    Given that 2day is the 4th of July, 2012, i’m sure it isn’t a good day for discussion by phone…i would like to see that particular cross gypsy before going any farther. Once that is in place, then i would welcome the chance to talk w/u and explore all possibilities you have 2offer.
    Thanks. Donna

    • minigypsy1 says:

      Hi, Donna. Never feel hesitant to call me. It’s much easier to talk about this venture on the phone vs. type! I would love to talk with you today or whenever we can connect. 309-594-2318 my old message machine usually works and I’ll happily call back asap.

      • minigypsy1 says:

        cell 309-540-0181 don’t always carry

      • minigypsy1 says:

        I will try to get update photo of Lil Lex in the morning. You’ve got to remember tho that yearlings don’t look like much….here on the farm they are not on a show feed schedule; I do not believe in fat ponies, they are prone to founder. I’m much happier letting them mature more slowly and not risking overfeeding issues. But that said, you’ve got to realize I believe he is worth the extra effort to keep him as a breeding prospect; most first crosses such as he is I do not believe should be kept for breeding. In the meanwhile, please study the page on this blog, especially I think the black mares page should be able to convey a little bit of the promise of the program. Truffles the “big” purebred gypsy cob mare is only 13.2 which has been considered up to now rather on the smaller side for the perception of size in the U.S. The middle size mare is half gypsy and is only 11.2, yet she looks big compared to the small filly, and the small filly has what I consider good feather for a half gypsy. Most of these mini crosses I have made have been very rewarding in the feather department to me, and especially this year’s 3/4 colt which I hope to take new pictures of tomorrow as well, is quite remarkable.

  5. minigypsy1 says:

    I put some information/reply on the page here “Quite The Pony Filly” that you might find of interest. I hope you have cruised thru all the “available” posts that I have on the blog so far; I will have to start making a “re-homed” section I guess, that would be interesting to people.

  6. Kim Gillet says:

    Would LOVE to help! What can I do?

  7. Sharon and Allan Justin says:

    Would really be interested in seeing some pictures of your Angel filly. We just sold our Gypsy Vanner Stallion and love the vanner breed . If we could get into something small that would be so fun. Thank you Sharon

    • minigypsy1 says:

      Thank you so much for your note! I hope that I hear from you again and please try my email: since I am hit and miss with keeping up with emails from this blog….although honestly I spend so much time on facebook it really steals too much of my time anymore! But please call or write and keep in touch. I am trying very hard to get lots of help with taking photos and some video of our presentations at the Illinois Horse Fair. Angel I will get more photos as spring green grass comes and she should be one of the earlier ones to foal this year so decisions about her will be made after she foals. Her mother, the Angel mini mare is also definitely planned to sell this year and if no one plans to buy her as bred back in foal, she will be kept open and look for a pet home. Thank you for your interest and keep checking and reading thru this blog because for now this is the main website I am updating with current pictures except for on facebook….

    • minigypsy1 says:

      I am assuming you found the pictures of the Angel filly from last summer that is in the above linked page “mini gypsy fillies” ….she has continued to thicken up and is maturing well. if things go well this weekend I might get my kids to help me get some fuzzy photos of her on Saturday.

      • minigypsy1 says:

        I simply find it hard at this point to think about wether I should sell her heavy in foal vs. letting her go….and I am not able to find any contact information for you other than responding to you from your post here. You are welcome to call me or contact me otherwise and chat….

  8. minigypsy1 says:

    Angel filly (and her mother) is in foal to The Executive for 2013 so if she has a filly I will keep the filly and offer Angel (sired by Cold Fusion) for sale at weaning of her filly in September (most likely bred back to Wyatt)….if she has a colt I will have to reconsider what my options are at that time. I may be willing to sell her.

  9. Shelly says:

    Do you know anyone who may be interested in two half Gypsy stallions, both sired by The Gambler? One is a silver dapple who stands at 10.2hh, the other is a bay and white pinto who stands at 11.1hh. Both look very purebred, with feathering and lots of hair. Thanks!

  10. Nellie Spicher says:

    Shelly, I am in Merrill Oregon, can you contact me? I would like to look at your ponies., or 541-892-5111. Thanks, Nellie.

  11. Destiny says:

    Hi I was wondering were I can purchase own miniature gypsy

    • minigypsy1 says:

      Thank you Destiny for your inquiry. I have a few options developing this spring. I will try to get a blog page organized soon within the next week or so and get it online here so people can access it. Mostly I only will have weanling babies or mares in foal offered for sale this year. I do have a pony mare half gypsy a very pretty and sweet silver dapple color, she is four this year and just on the verge of being exposed to my ten hand tall good little piebald pony cob stallion; I think they will cross very nicely. She is 11.2 hands and he is maturing likely 10.2 hands. So I expect good feather factor from their baby, like 3/4 gypsy quality which has hair over the hoof but not as heavy as the fancy purebreds you see in pictures. But certainly a good step in the program. Without breeding this pony mare is currently offered for $3000 or otherwise I will be aiming for having her sold by June, as exposed to the stallion for $4000 and actually I have another half gypsy pony mare who is her friend pasture mate we can talk about sweetening the deal. you can text 309-540-0181 for more details.

  12. Hi all i just bred for my first micro gypsy, i would like info on the exact mesurements of the micro. Like cob cant be over 14.2 what is the size top off at for a micro

    • minigypsy1 says:

      Hello! Welcome to the wonderful new world of the developing mini gypsy! And Oooh! you are working on MICRO! Very exciting! I have a few micro coming on as well…those are the ones under ten hands I’m thinking!

    • minigypsy1 says:

      You remind me I need to get busy and blog again…I have really neglected my blog work this past year. I did get a couple of my wonderful young two year old colts out to see the public in March, 2015 at the Illinois Horse Fair. I need to blog about that and share pictures of Tuppenny Horse who is a piebald in the ten hand range….he has had a growth spurt in the last month I think he may have gone over ten hands now. But little tiny bay colt Sparky is just amazing to me, he is about 34″ tall and has hairy feet and legs! When he is fully blossomed mature he will be quite stunning as a little stallion.

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