In 2017 we have several mares and blends of gypsy horse blood among the horses at Bellbottom Farm. Several of the bigger size over 11 hands tall mostly the purebred mares were covered for an early season with Sparky. After mid May the mares ran in the pasture for the summer with Tupenny…so it will be determined who is sire by looks/size as well as timing and if not then dna testing will solve any questions regardless.

Bellbottom Truffles is my biggest mare at 13.2 and like all the other purebred mares, their babies can be registered with GHA and with IGEA. Truffles was only exposed to Tupenny so the earliest she will foal is in May. I would expect a 12 hand range baby from this cross. I will be doing an ultrasound with her soon tho because she is not big at all, and he may not have accomplished the deed.

Truffles and Kitty:


Belladonna Cat Burglar

Kitty is the 12.2 hand tall chestnut tobiano (skewbald) that most people go oooh and ahhh over. She certainly competes with Truffles for being called best cob mare at Bellbottom Farm. I think she settled with a Sparky baby and will be the first to foal…the baby could mature in the 11 hand range. The color range is possible to all red/black/bay variations….if it is small it will not be offered for sale.

Bellbottom BonBon


Bonbon is 12.2 hands Truffles’ daughter by the Executive. She is an excellent quality mare like all my purebred mares and was a good mother to her first baby which was a colt in 2015. Bonbon was only exposed to Sparky and would be due May/June from pasture breeding. Foal would be expected in the 11 hand range and either bay or black / solid or pinto. Oh, I have not tested Bonbon for color and she could possibly carry red thru Truffles….so maybe 25% chance of chestnut baby.

Bandera Athenry


Athenry is also 12.2 hands tall and homozygous for black and tobiano so she will possibly have bay which we will know is Sparky’s or if she has black pinto we will be verifying with dna who the sire is.. Again looking for an 11 hand tall range baby with heavy feather from a purebred mare.

Bellbottom M&M (leading the pack)


QT and Emmy.png

Emmy is my 11.3 hand tall 3/4 gypsy mare of purebred quality (picture as baby above with her mom QT who is a Toymakker daughter now living in Alabama)…Emmy’s sire is Executive.  Her first baby was Splash and she was an excellent mother and producer proven. We are excited looking forward to see what she can give us from Sparky. We will probably go ahead and offer this baby for sale and it could be any color in the black/red/bay/pinto range. If it is a small filly of course it will be priced accordingly. Colts or a big filly will be reasonably priced.

Bellbottom Cobbled Blossom


Blossom is the little bay mare with the impossibly big mustache. She is 3/4 gypsy and about ten hands tall. She could have a baby sired by either Tupenny or Sparky…I suspect she will have a Tupenny baby if it is early by April. I did not test her for red but she could carry that, but with Tupenny I don’t think he will produce red. He is being tested for color this spring but like I said I am doubtful he carries red and I know he only has one tobiano gene. So mostly from Blossom I look forward to a hairy ten hand range baby that could be black/bay/pinto variation.

Bellbottom Hapenny

Hapenny is the 38″ tall mom half gypsy mom to Tupenny. She was only exposed to Sparky so the baby will be small, solid color probably bay. She is not due until the end of May.

The sisters:  Bellbottom Angelica and Bellbottom Seraphina

These girls are both sired by Cold Fusion as is Hapenny; certified gold quality for foundation mini gypsy stock.  They are 10.3 hands tall and I believe homozygous for black and tobiano so with Tupenny I expect black pinto babies in that range up to 11 hands. The sisters themselves will be available to someone as a pair for exhibition and breeding foundation mares upon weaning 2017 foals….exposed for 2018 with Sparky for $8000 for the pair.  This price is firm and reluctantly given, only to get someone else started that is committed to a long term breed development program.

AMHR mares: Exposed to Tupenny unless noted otherwise.



Laura is well proven to put outstanding mini gypsy foundation babies on the ground with a stunning filly by Wyatt and quality small colt from Tupenny. If she has a good looking filly I will likely keep it but a stud colt would be an affordable quality beginning for someone….Laura is dark “black” silver dapple with blue eyes and 34″ tall…so black or silver maybe tobiano various options for color. It may depend on how much people think fillies are worth…buyers are always welcome to make an offer. Tupenny x Laura colt from 2016 is everything I hoped they could produce together and should mature about 34″.



wrong pic I will have to come back and add mini mare pics

Daisy is not registered but is a 34″ tall dun mare who has proven she can put nice babies on the ground. If she has a filly I do not plan to sell it. Same old story on fillies 😉 She carries red but was exposed to Tupenny so it is a mystery what she will throw…could be a big variety.

Café Latte

Latte is a 33″ AMHR red dun palomino mare exposed to Tupenny so most likely I will retain her baby.


33″ tall AMHR mare exposed to Sparky I hope but there was a couple weeks where I had to keep her with Tupenny so I may have to test this baby. Hoping for under 38″ mature with red and cream gene….again if its a filly….;)