Lil’ Lex

We are very proud to share this little colt we call “Lil Lex”.  His momma was our first favorite miniature horse mare 36″ tall AMHR (April who in 2012 gifted us with “Tiny Colt”…after I sold her I regretted it) and his poppa is our much loved “Lex” AKA BoHo’s Cold Fusion, a 13 hand tall gypsy cob. 

Update pictures here and the youthful pictures follow below:

Lil Lex has a lot of his daddy in him and he matured to about 11 hands.   He is now a gelding in Iowa but did leave an extremely nice gift of the colt Splash here before he left. The early photos below are from the Illinois Horse Fair where in March 2012 he helped promote our farm on Stallion Row.  In March he was a fuzzy baby yearling pony, being born in April 2011.  Summer shed out pictures were taken in July 2012.

He is two years old in 2013 and we sent in for color DNA this spring; we had thought he was silver dapple having totally white mane and tail and a very light roany looking color in his markings.  Well, we found nothing interesting; verified he can simply offer black, red, tobiano genes; his roaning and light color must be some kind of sabino effect or other yet unidentified kind of modifier. His mom had a true splash blagdon with Wyatt on a followup breeding so I have to assume it was true sabino thru the little April mare. I still like him, he is maturing into a very nice pony.

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