BoHo’s Cold Fusion, AKA Lexington “Lex”

Lex made his way into his current owner’s hands in 2016 and he is enjoying a show career with a wonderful youth rider being a gelding for a few years now.  He has turned into a surprisingly talented jumping and dressage pony!!!  Of course we are not that surprised since he is a pony of outstanding qualities.   I will have to get back to filling in some of their successes in their first year together:



“Lexington” as he is fondly called, was imported in utero by Black Forest Shires and Gypsy Horses, in 2006 and born while mom Lexus gypsy mare was in KY quarantine.  Lexus is now owned by R-Gypsies in California, earning the honor of being their lead hitch mare, and registered with GHRA as “A Style All Her Own”

Video of Lex I believe in 2009/2010:  http://youtu.be/IDAmx9rTq5E

Lexington earned a beloved spot here at Bellbottom Farm as our foundation stallion in our gypsy pony endeavors.  We feel he brought valuable traits to the table and shared them well, including generous feather, non-fading black color, and tight cob type with level topline and short back.  We actually think of him as a miniature shire and he has the best of temperaments, responsive learner and listener.  With bigger mares he is able to throw standard size babies; with our little ones some have stayed quite small.  His 3/4 bred 12 hand son (Doc) turned into seemingly his clone, right down to the big fuzzy mustache!   Some favorite photos:

In November, 2011 Lex made his way to a new owner in Florida.  We hope to continue sharing his great adventures and contributions to the future of gypsy horses in USA.

Luewin shared a video from his first day in Florida:


Well, we have received reports from Lex’s owner in Florida at their show over the weekend, January 21-22, 2012:

Lex was the reserve performance gypsy of the weekend!  He won the showmanship, obstacles in hand, western equitation open and amateur, amateur western pleasure walk trot and was second in open walk trot western pleasure and second in the trail walk trot.  What a great start to their show career!  Congratulations to Luewin and Lex!  See them in action with some of their  youtube video clips below:





We were really missing Lex here in Illinois and contacted his new owner for news.  Update note from Luewin in Florida July 2012:

Lex is wonderful….that is just the genuine truth.  He will never have another home…. My sister has asked for me to put it in my will that she gets him if anything happens!  Her very non horsey husband has formed a bond with him and says he is the best horse on the place!  We have not been to any shows recently … We are saving work time off for Perry, Georgia Feathered Horse Classic.
I have 2 Gypsies in foal to him and I am really excited for next year!
I will keep you posted on the showing…. I hope I told you that he was driving champion in April at the Shelbyville TN show!

2 Responses to Lex

  1. pink2001 says:

    What is the size of Lex? My gypsy-horse is only 13.4H and this horse also looks small

  2. minigypsy1 says:

    Lex is a very nifty 13 hand tall size gypsy. Thanks for asking!

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