Doc was the first 3/4 gypsy cob that we produced, and at 11.2 hands tall, our inspiration to move forward into the miniature gypsy horse realm.  His sire is Cold Fusion and his mom’s sire is The Toymakker; we have recently discovered just how well bred his gypsy heritage is and can trace his pedigree as far back as any gypsy horse!  Syd Harker is a Romany gypsy horse breeder in England and his whole family is noted for having top class horses.  His main old stallion is called the PO horse, a half brother to the Lion King out of the same mare (the revered Pio mare line), but more direct descendant being a son of the Old Henry Horse which is the most famous horse in Ireland that EVERYBODY goes back to, so Doc being a son of Lex, son of PO is a great grandson of the foundation of the gypsy horse breed in Ireland namely Old Henry!!!  Few can say that anymore and I am amazed at being able to say it myself.  Also, the Toymakker which is Doc’s mother’s sire, is from the Harker herd and is said to be closely bred to both The Old Black Horse which is a famous grandson now deceased already, of Old Henry…and Syd’s Good Stallion also deceased, who was also from Ireland but no connection apparently to Old Henry.  So Doc is truly bred in the blue…’s just that I used that one good welsh pony outcross here in the USA and the size came down amazingly.  The PO horse by the way is featured in a book on the gypsy vanner called “Gypsy Horses and The Travellers Way” by John Hockensmith, a truly nice coffee table book any gypsy fancier should have!  You might be able to see  a copy  thru local interlibrary loan.

Doc is such a loveable guy, he has his daddy’s temperament completely and we are so thrilled about that because we love Lex so much!  Doc has had a few weeks start training to drive as a two year old and is doing phenomenonally well!  He will be such a fantastic quiet and sensible, beautiful cart pony.  When he finds the right size riders I’m sure he will make a great riding pony someday as well.   We feel he is an awesome opportunity to produce F1 fillies for our miniature gypsy horse breeding concept.  He was kept with a few mares during this summer and I know he covered at least one of them so we will see next season if he has live foal on the ground in 2014.

FLASH UPDATE SUMMER 2013!!!!   Doc has moved to Michigan and last I knew was re-sold and possibly known as Bellbottom Cool Wolf.

In 2014 there WERE some babies sired by Doc and which proved to me that 3/4 bred blend ponies would be able to pass the feather trait down about as well as imported purebreds. So my dream continues to miniaturize the gypsy horse. One thing I am finding by 2017 is that the miniature crosses tend to mature earlier.

The first group of photos here below of Doc were taken March 4, 2012 at the IL Horse Fair when he was shaved and cleaned up!  Then we have added some from 6-14-12 with being measured again as well as standing next to his two year old purebred half brother (Bellbottom Cool Dude).  When you look at these photos, you’ve got to remember of course they are not cleaned up for showing, as well as they are youngsters still, at two years old they have some maturing to do; but you can study basic structure and see that they seem fairly well behaved.  With maturity and if they remain stallions, their necks fill in especially, hormones giving them the stallion crest and thickening the front end; and of course general muscling all over with feed and conditioning.  The discerning eye can appreciate this stage of growth as it reveals the correct structure more than a show prepared horse will.

Update August 3rd 2012 Doc helped us give the gift of a little time with a pretty pony to some girls and family members during the practise for the National USA Miss You Can Do It pageant here in Kewanee, IL.  He was a real trooper and did extremely well, being just two years old and learning the joys of entertaining crowds of people.  I have also added a few other photos for you to enjoy.

Also March 1-3, 2013 for the third year in a row Doc helped present the idea of a miniature gypsy horse to crowds at the Illinois Horse Fair.  He stood with his little sister (Bellbottom M&M still here at the farm) in the aisle for several hours enjoying the attention of children and adults.DSC_0137 DSC_0182


3 Responses to Doc

  1. Teresa Woodson says:

    Is Doc still available?
    I am wanting a gypsy horse just for me to enjoy
    and go with me in my pony ride business. I have
    a cart I am wanting to get a pony working with.
    He is a size I would be most comfortable with
    I am not a large person. Just wanted to see if
    he was still available
    I am by Dallas Tx.

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