Current AMHR mares available in March 2017 exposed over winter to Splash red blagdon mini gypsy stud ten hands range

I bought some likely AMHR mini mares in late November planning to try to help somebody get started with a mini gypsy blend herd…since I am not able to offer A.I. on my studs or live cover…the option is to buy bred mares which I am trying to make very affordable…

I am not going to be able to have enough pasture to keep them past March, so I am offering good AMHR mares probably winter exposed to an IGEA mini gypsy stud colt for only $500 each…they have to be gone by the end of March.


Very nice chestnut mare who is the only one that happens to be AMHA.  Sorry I am not finding good close up picture of her…

Bo Tooty

Good stout and hairy chestnut mare

Dusty Cloud

Pretty silver dapple appy color mare


Bay mare very nice quality


2 year old appy color filly