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Harness Brass Collections

I have talked about my friend Kirsty’s collections before, but have found a few new friends thru the magic of Facebook who agreed to let me share more photos here.  Above are a few photos shared by various people of … Continue reading

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Famous Beginnings

There are lots of informational pages about gypsy cob history and some famous foundation horses, scattered across the internet in various websites.  I want to share some of the wonderful information and sources I have learned about in the past … Continue reading

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Brass: Another look

My friend Kirsty Farnfeld in England was sharing her recent cleaning chore accomplished with leftover lemon rinds…nothing like having a tastey lemony treat around to reward you for doing some catch-up cleaning of your brass collection! Kirsty says when she lived … Continue reading

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The Coloured Cob

A Cob???? These wonderful horses were developed in Britain (UK/Ireland) from their native pony stock, having varying input from draught/draft horse blood (Clydesdale and Shire)–more common in large vanner stock–as well as local mountain and trotting ponies (Dale, Fell, Welsh, Highland and Shetland).  … Continue reading

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Harness Brass

Horse brasses are decorative items often used with draft harness leather drops…If you look closely at show harness you will see them coming down over the loin area and other places as the harness gets more elaborate.  Most decorate things have … Continue reading

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Stallion Tack

This is a photo of the beautiful gypsy horse stallion, Headliner, who is sadly deceased but his harness is available for sale from N’Co Gypsy Vanners in Ohio: Stallion harness information and history from Kirsty Farnfield – July 2012 … Continue reading

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Shire Horse History R/T Gypsy Cobs

Recently some good information was shared on the Facebook group page, Proper Cobs.  This website has recently been developed to help educate us all about the historical perspective of the horses that went into the make-up of the modern gypsy … Continue reading

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Coloured Cob

History The Romany gypsy folk and Tinkers of Great Britain and Ireland developed an astoundingly beautiful horse that came to be known primarily as the gypsy (coloured) cob.  Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland are blessed with several breeds of equine … Continue reading

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Freakin’ Friday

Well, today’s discussion has turned into rather a rant, inspired by outside discussion.  In presenting my plans and goals for creating the mini gypsy to others, I often encounter opposition to the idea, mostly by people whose opinion it is … Continue reading

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Why develop a new version of equine?

Ten years ago when I started to search for a child’s pony for my two youngsters, it was very hard to find something like what I remembered having as a child in the way of cobby pony.  People who had … Continue reading

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