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Filial relationships in a breeding program

This is the simplest explanation I could find online about how the original genetic scientist established terminology for looking at breeding any organism in a scientific way: Mendel and the gene idea the basic rules of inheritance were first demonstrated … Continue reading

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Famous Beginnings

There are lots of informational pages about gypsy cob history and some famous foundation horses, scattered across the internet in various websites.  I want to share some of the wonderful information and sources I have learned about in the past … Continue reading

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Exploring The Sugarbush Draft Breed-up Program

I offer to people who are still wondering about how “breeding up” works,  that they can look up information about the Sugarbush Draft horse and a small group’s effort to re-establish this little-known breed creation effort. They have a nice … Continue reading

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Size and the Mini Gypsy

First, let me share a link to the main description of dwarfism that is offered on the web; if you explore the Little Beginnings forum further you can find a lot of discussion to learn more.  Dwarfism: As I … Continue reading

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A Tale of another breed attempt to miniaturize

I recently talked with a man who had been involved in an effort a few years ago to develop a miniature Clydesdale horse.  Enough of them were created to build a hitch that was displayed I believe in the Florida … Continue reading

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Draft Pony Revisited

Well, I am breaking out tonight to an additional post because I am still fighting with the image uploader! I wanted to talk a little bit about what I have already gotten excited about with gypsy pony crosses here on … Continue reading

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Draft Ponies

I had an inquiry today about how can small draft ponies be developed under 40″ and maintain abundant feather such as is seen in the presently developed gypsy horses.  They tied this question to general draft pony type which is … Continue reading

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