Black mares

I thought it would be fun to pull out the three black girls currently on the farm 6-14-2012.  We have our wonderful purebred gypsy cob mare, Bellbottom Truffles who measured today at 13.2 hands tall.  Truffles is described on as to heritage.  She is everything a gypsy cob should be.  Truffles is the mom of Bellbottom Cool Dude AKA “Hollywood” who is 3 years old in 2013 and currently on lease.

Middle size mare is QT, BoHo’s Quite The Pony, sired by The Toymakker and out of a grade welsh pony mare about 45″ tall.  I measured her also and was surprised, she was only 11.2 hands and I had thought she was 12hh, LOL.  QT is the mom of Doc. QT moved to her new home in Alabama in the fall of 2013.

And then we have little Ha’Penny, who was sired by “Lexington” Cold Fusion and out of a miniature horse mare about 35″ tall.  She has grown a bit this spring and today measures 39″ as a two year old; and I feel she will

not grow much taller but continue filling out.  All of my mini cross fillies have the straggly feather coming around and over the hooves, so I feel they are very rewarding to have that much feather in the first cross to gypsy cob.  QT I have considered to be a good first cross for feather factor as well, but these mini crosses (from mares chosen for fetlock feather and body type as well as color genetics they can bring to the program) have really proved rewarding  to the effort to bring the cob qualities down in size.

2 Responses to Black mares

  1. Steffanie Rodgers says:

    I love the height comparisons between these mares, awesome pictures thanks for sharing!

  2. minigypsy1 says:

    Thanks, Steffanie, it’s good to get feedback!

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