Foals expected in 2016!

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We used our mini gypsy development studs for herd sires starting in 2015.

Bellbottom July Sparkler 35″ tall bay half gypsy sired by Wyatt an 11.3 hand tall purebred gypsy cob; and

Bellbottom Tuppenny Horse, ten hands tall 3/4 piebald (black pinto color)  gypsy (mom is Hapenny) and sired by The Executive a purebred gypsy cob 12.3 hands.

Look up their videos on my Chevreherd account on YouTube:

Mares at Chevreherd and expected foal dates:

Hapenny (1/2 sired by Cold Fusion), black bred to homozygous black pinto The Executive, due in March 2016
Dolly (1/2 sired by Toymakker), piebald x piebald Tuppenny due end of March
Sisters (1/2 by Cold Fusion) Angelica and Sera, piebald x piebald Tuppenny–April
BonBon, (purebred piebald) x bay Sparky due April
Belladonna Cat Burglar (purebred chestnut pinto) x black pinto Tuppenny due May
Bandera Athenry, (purebred piebald) x piebald Tuppenny due May
Stardust (1/2 by Wyatt) silver blanket appy x Tuppenny due June
Two AMHR mares one cremello and one silver dapple, due June by Tuppenny
Bellbottom M&M 3/4 (sire Executive mom QT by Toymakker) scanned empty for 2016
Bellbottom Cobbled Blossom 3/4 (Wyatt x Rosie by Cold Fusion) Bay x Blue pinto Tiny (1/2–sire Executive) – possibly in foal, not scanned


About minigypsy1

Farmer's daughter raising 6th generation children on Block Farm in west central Illinois. Breeder of Australian Shepherd dogs for 30 years now, applying lifetime knowledge to establishing a new breed of pony, the miniature gypsy horse.
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2 Responses to Foals expected in 2016!

  1. Janet Sieg says:

    Where are you located? Can you send pictures and prices please. Janet Sieg

    • minigypsy1 says:

      Hello Janet, I am in NW central Illinois, Kewanee area. If you are asking about what Sparky and Wyatt look like, the best thing is to watch the videos on youtube at my Chevreherd account. Here is a link to the main one, there are others.

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