Current Sales List

Summer 2013:

If anyone is interested in youngstock please call 309-540-0181.

I have a 3/1 package available with a  nice palomino pinto mini mare 35″ tall with Wyatt-sired black colt at her side, for $1500.  These pictures are not current to October, it has been a month since last pictures taken.  Colt is now mostly shed of baby fuzz and is true black color.

IF you are interested in buying a mini mare in foal it will be offered on contract for $1000 and needs to be reserved by early summer since I am not breeding anything that is not contracted for sale; I am only breeding what I am keeping for myself or has a planned home.  If such a mare has a colt at it’s side offered for sale, the total price for the package deal would be $1500.

FLASH********* I have one filly from 2013 still available,  3/4 gypsy cob from my excellent bay roan daughter of Lex (her mom is purebred Welsh cob pony of excellent type C); Filly is sired by Wyatt colored bay to make 12 hands and I do not think she will be taller than 12 hands.  Her price is $2000 firm and by next spring you will be amazed at how she will look, being of pure cob pony type and heavy feathered breeding behind her.

She is already listed in the new registry:

AMGR201300011 Bellbottom Cobbled Blossom

Here is her pedigree:

Blossom is a beautiful filly and unfortunately I never worked very hard thru the year getting nice pictures of her….so far only these to offer:

Let’s see if this video will work (done 10-3-2013)


Thank you for considering a mini gypsy from Bellbottom Farm!

About minigypsy1

Farmer's daughter raising 6th generation children on Block Farm in west central Illinois. Breeder of Australian Shepherd dogs for 30 years now, applying lifetime knowledge to establishing a new breed of pony, the miniature gypsy horse.
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5 Responses to Current Sales List

  1. Ivy Rasco says:

    I’m so excited for this venture to begin. They will welcomed here in Maine at Rockway Farm! Tiny is already scheduled for a couple of therapy visits and he will be going a holiday fair in late November. The word is out here in near frozen north…..the Mini Gypsies are coming!

    • minigypsy1 says:

      Thank you, Ivy! I am so excited for you as well and look forward to your reports about the mini gypsy exploits as they happen in Maine. I hope that the ponies bring joy to many!

  2. Chantel Downing says:

    Hello is there a way via email to contact you about finding a stallion for my mare. Stephanie rogers from mhbgypsy horses pointed me in your direction. She said you would be my best bet in finding a stallion. :)

    • minigypsy1 says:

      Hi, Chantel. I tried to send you an email from my phone….let me know if it did not go thru.

    • minigypsy1 says:

      Needing to update my page today but will have to put it off again. Wondering, Chantel, if you were still considering needing to find a stallion. The Executive is now in Kansas and may be available for A.I. if you want more info I am happy to help you.

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