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It is January 2014 as I edit this page.

The Executive (see his page Mr. X) is a wonderful herd sire, proven to be valuable in a mini gypsy program here in the USA; throwing very small genetics.  He is also awesome in the show ring, looking stunning in harness and just as sharp under saddle.  He currently has three months professional training under saddle with some work in event course jumping, so a very good start for hunter/jumper showing, and has a good start driving as well.  He is being matched up for team work with Athenry for state fair hitch class.   A perfect type for sport pony career!

I have arranged for future home for many of my AMHR mini mares; there are still a few I will keep on the farm but there are a handful that are sourced out this fall for the year and will foal elsewhere; with contract for me to get back any fillies they have.  As an individual mare, any of the ones I still have,  once she has her baby here on the farm, I would likely keep a filly, or if the ones I keep have a colt, I will plan to breed them back again to obtain a filly out of the excellent quality mare I have hunted down (as a way to bring color variation into the gene pool as well as size and overall quality).  The mini mare eventually might be available to reserve for breeding back or selling separately by the time a filly is weaned in fall.   Stud fees I value at $1000 and for the most part I am not interested in bringing in outside mares to my farm; furthermore,  it is simply complicated for me to offer AI services, I have not found a convenient way to do it.   I am willing to talk to people about stud options which this year.   With Wyatt it looks like  IF someone or a group of people could plan/ help me time things where it can be arranged, if a minimum of three breedings for cooled semen AI service is planned for March-May 2014, that can be contracted for, but the effort has to somewhat pay for itself (against my expenses to provide AI service, with board and shipping) and I would need to have three AI breedings reserved in order to offer Wyatt for stud to outside mares.  It is a complex issue for me to offer AI stud services and associated costs eat into the stud fee to be collected; and, I have no convenient service providers.  Of course with AI breeding you have veterinary expenses for your own mare and collection costs in addition to the stud fee.   In summary, I am trying to explain why buying mini mares that I have chosen, in foal to one of my stallions is cheap at $1000, and I am looking at ending my use of mini mares as I acquire the genetics from them for color and size factor, keeping fillies from them when born.  Thus good proven mini mares I have invested in will be offered for new pet homes if nothing else since there is no long term plans for them here at Bellbottom Farm.

As time goes on year to year, and depending of course on what is born each season/crop year, I may offer different opportunities for buying the half gypsy mares so that you have your own opportunity for obtaining a nice 3/4 baby.  For instance, I will entertain interest in the fine pony, “QT” Quite the pony.  She has provided me with two outstanding babies to go on with in the minigypsy endeavor so I don’t necessarily need to keep her forever.  But it would take $2500 to buy her in foal.  Her baby will be for sale in 2014 and I will price a weanling colt at $1500 and a filly would be $5000….because if it is a filly it should be an amazing match for older sister, and I would look forward to a team of 3/4 nicely feathered 11.2 hand ponies for future shows.  Someone saw this and quickly took me up on my offer in fall 2013; QT now lives in Alabama.  They are thrilled with her!

I have Angelica, and Seraphim,  black and white pinto (piebalds) sired by Lex (Cold Fusion) only 11 hands tall and grand-daughters of the PO stallion, one of the most respected stallions in the UK.  Wyatt is from the Peter Ash/Bullseye herd so he is chock full of quality in a 12 hand size.  They are planned to be in training thru the winter for a driving team and eventually, probably not next year, they might be available to buy as a pair, in foal to Wyatt for amazing 3/4 foals.  I already have a couple people interested in them…..

Such is the quality I am working hard to develop in the mares in my herd.  So I am not breeding for cheap horses at all, and I am proud yet humbled to be able to offer such excellent stock to buyers as time makes them available.

You are welcome to contact me by calling 309-540-0181 to discuss any other options according to how you might be interested in getting involved in this special endeavor.

I believe it is entirely reasonable to invest in a pair of weanlings as a breeding pair if such unrelated matches can be acquired (depending on what is born each year).  An 11 hand range 3/4 gypsy paired with an under ten hand half gypsy is a great place to start in the American Minigypsy program.

Of course I also have premium purebred small gypsy options and opportunities.  In 2014 I am considering some lease possibilities so if you are interested in small purebreds for lease feel free to ask about this.

Summary of pricing (weanlings):

Purebred fillies $10,000 (aiming for 12 hand range stock)

Purebred colts $5,000 (12-13 hand range)

3/4 fillies $5000  (aiming for 11 hand range stock)

3/4 colts $1500 or higher

half mini fillies $2500

half mini colts $1000


Photos below:  My band of mini mares winter 2013; as you can see, mostly chosen to bring fun colors into my herd along with quality towards a small cob type pony.  (Tiny is in the very middle next to his red/white momma in pic below, pic February 2013):


Tiny on the right side with our other wonderful miniature horse mares who are expected to foal beautiful half gypsy babies in 2013, a couple sired by The Executive and a couple sired by Wyatt.

Tiny on the right side with our other wonderful miniature horse mares who are expected to foal beautiful half gypsy babies in 2013, a couple sired by The Executive and a couple sired by Wyatt.


About minigypsy1

Farmer's daughter raising 6th generation children on Block Farm in west central Illinois. Breeder of Australian Shepherd dogs for 30 years now, applying lifetime knowledge to establishing a new breed of pony, the miniature gypsy horse.
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  1. Irene Gettel says:

    I am very VERY interested in getting a gypsy. Can you perhaps answer a few questions? I see you have a mare and colt for sale for 1000. Are they still available? I was actually gifted two FPS Friesian mares from a breeder with personal issues and simply had to let them go (yes I STILL can’t believe it). I have always wanted a gypsy and we are thinking of getting one to cross breed with our mares and offer the foals and a minimal fee just for a little extra hay money. My goal is to help people who always wanted horses to be able to live that dream because horse owners are falling off of th eearth lately and if we don’t increase the hobby owner who cannot not make their own hay, pretty soon farmers will not be growing hay and will switch to more high demand crops. I used to work at the MSU Extension office in Michigan before relocating to GA due to health reasons and I saw farmers selling off everything at a very alarming rate. Big breeders usually make their own hay but it is the small hobby horse owner who is gonna have a hard time getting hay of we don’t increase our numbers. Also my medical condition doesn’t allow me to ride but I can still drive so I want a gypsy also for my own personal driving horse plus as an older female horse owner I want to try showing in the amature shows like the Feathered Horse Classic here in GA. We onlylive 9 miles form the GA Natl Fair Grounds so it is perfect. Please let me know what you have available for sale.

    Thanks So Much
    Irene Fulton Gettel = Facebook

  2. Am interested. Please contact with available horses and dispositions. Thanks,

  3. Cherie says:

    Hi I would LOVE to get one! Would you be able to email me pictures of the horses you have for sale with the prices? My email is cheriewitts@hotmail.com
    Thank you so much!

    • lori witts says:

      Hi, I would love to start breeding the Miniature Gypsy Vanners in Canada. We have a 40 acre farm and we have raised horses all our lives. My daughter loves to show horses and is very interested in showing these. What Miniature Gypsy Vanners do you have for sale and what are their prices? I would love to see some pictures, Thank you!!

      • minigypsy1 says:

        Thank you for your inquiries! I will try to reply individually tonight, sorry for any delay. Meanwhile, most of the more current pictures I have taken of the ponies this winter are on this blog pages somewhere. I am busy planning and getting ready to display on stallion row at the Illinois Horse Fair in Springfield, IL on March 1-3 where we will have stallion parade and also if the administration staff works us in, we will go into arena for breed display. So if you are near Springfield IL in about a week you can see them all cleaned up and dressed fancy! The Executive (currently for sale $10,000 GHA registered purebred trained ride/drive 12.3 hands tall) as well as Doc, our 3/4 high quality colt now 3 years old ($5000 for sale) and our newest stallion the black Wyatt who is still under 12 hands tall. We will also have our two 2012 fillies we kept sired by The Executive, both to mature under 13 hands….and we are going to introduce the amazing Tiny who is an Executive son from a mini mare and he is going to mature about the same size as his momma because he is still only about 32″ tall!!! I am currently offering him for sale but I have to have $3000 and he would be best used with small gypsy vanner mares to help develop the future miniature gypsy horse! I also am forming decisions for how I will sort out mini mares to keep vs offer them for sale bred to Wyatt; and there will also be several 3/4 bred babies born in 2013 and decisions will be made eventually for selling them; I know the 3/4 colts will be for sale and I am pricing them at present as $3000 weanlings but will make final decisions when they are born, of course. I also will have a few half mini colts available most likely and price them as $1000 as weanlings.

  4. I am interested in purchasing a miniature gypsy vanner.
    I have been in the mini horse business for 10 yrs.
    See my webpage. Also I have minature cattle for sale.


    • minigypsy1 says:

      This is awesome to hear! Welcome to this ground floor endeavor to bring a new kind of pony to the USA! Please study the pages of this blog and especially look on the entries under “available” tab. Also if you are on Facebook you should join the Mini Gypsy Horse group and also its offshoot, the Miniature Gypsy Cob.

      If you don’t do facebook you may want to try joining the small yahoo group, Mini Gypsy

      Or if nothing else give me a call 309-540-0181

  5. Please keep me posted. I am in Virginia. We have a small horse farm and a non-profit working with horses and kids. I’d love to see a mini gypsy in our program. My email is kgarcia1028@gmail.com

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