Bellbottom M&M

“QT” is our 12 hand tall daughter of Toymakker, registered with GHA as “Bellbottom Quite The Pony.”  She had given us the awesome “Doc” two years ago sired by Cold Fusion, then slipped her 2011 foal by Lex, a beautiful filly I was devastated.  But in 2012 she has presented us with a fabulous filly sired by The Executive who displays heavy newborn feather and looks like she may not even get as tall as her momma.  What a producer this QT is!  She is simply amazing.  As Bellbottom M&M “Emmy”  has grown we are completely attached to this filly and look forward to crossing her with Wyatt in future.

We will likely have a 3/4 filly of comparable excellent quality available to offer for sale in 2014 at a cost of up to $5000.  We simply cannot sell a good small 3/4 cross filly  likely to remain under 11 hands tall, and competitive to quality of what can be imported, for pocket change.  !!!!!! It’s not every day a breeder offers something that is a step ahead of their own breeding program!  But we would like to see someone partner with us to work towards the future.  We have been working from the beginning  to keep in mind how to offer the public unrelated breeding pairs.  I think this little girl is proof of our commitment to quality.

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About minigypsy1

Farmer's daughter raising 6th generation children on Block Farm in west central Illinois. Breeder of Australian Shepherd dogs for 30 years now, applying lifetime knowledge to establishing a new breed of pony, the miniature gypsy horse.
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7 Responses to Bellbottom M&M

  1. sharon willman says:

    Aw!! I begin to see, your mares definately have the gypsy look to them.. Are you only able to get the pinto babies from the bay mares??? they are really nice looking..

    • minigypsy1 says:

      I have mostly concentrated on being able to produce black tones. Many black horses have a brown tinge….one of my biggest admiration for my first stallion Lex was that he was non fading black. QT is a black pony, as well as Truffles my purebred mare.

  2. Ashley says:

    What is her asking price?

  3. minigypsy1 says:

    Hello, Ashley. Let me put it this way. If you were to be lucky enough to find a filly of this size range that they would sell you from Britain, you would likely have $20,000 invested in that filly by the time you got it to your house. I hesitate to offer her for sale in many ways because, something like her is just not produced every year. Her mom could throw colts for the next two years before I get another nice filly from her. So, I feel offering her for $10,000 and I’m willing to talk about a package deal with one or two other of my ponies; that is VERY reasonable to me to be getting in on the ground floor of this new venture with quality ponies.

  4. minigypsy1 says:

    Also I might add, that by the time she is breeding age, she would make an excellent cross for my new stallion, Wyatt who I don’t think will mature over 12 hands. They will make some amazing little stock together that will push the size down for people doing crosses with miniature horses to build the quality of the future breeding pool. So even colts out of this little filly and bred back to a good little heavy feathered cob stallion, which I know there will be at least a few of these 12 hand range colts maturing in the next few years; and likely someone will have imported a ten or 11 hand colt by that time; so the quality and the size will continue to build toward true miniature gypsy horses; and both colts and fillies will have high value from this filly. There is no reason at all she should not hold her value.

  5. Lori Rober says:

    I raise miniature horses currently. I would be interested in adding a pair of Mini-Gypsy Horses in the future. I am still in the learning/research phase!

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