Spring is almost summer in March!

Wow, this weather has been crazy lately here in Illinois!  The last several days have been so warm, getting up into the 80’s and the trees are blossoming, bushes flowering, daffodils nodding in the breezes and so on.  I just would hate to see them freeze all off but they’ve got plenty of time left this spring to get a snowstorm brewing again.  I remember several years ago when the young leaves all got froze in the spring and it took them quite a while to get back and regenerate to make leaves again, that year it seemed like the trees were a month late getting leaves going for shade….

Well, meanwhile, our equine boys were in Springfield, IL the first weekend in March to display on stallion row at the IL Horse Fair.  There was a large number of people who went thru the state fairgrounds on the Saturday; overall I think this year was a good year for the IL Horse Council with the weather staying pretty decent altho we certainly did get a cold blast thru on Sunday!

I have some pictures to share from the weekend, with our purebred gypsy cob stallion, The Executive, our 3/4 bred colt who is 2 years old this year, and our yearling half gypsy, half miniature horse colt.

I also am adding a picture of the red and white gypsy cob who is about 12 hands and lives in England (Tonto), as well as his black and white pinto/piebald relative (Real Deal) who is only 11 hands!  They are both so stout and manly, aren’t they amazing?

mini gypsy cob colt

Lil Lex in Springfield


About minigypsy1

Farmer's daughter raising 6th generation children on Block Farm in west central Illinois. Breeder of Australian Shepherd dogs for 30 years now, applying lifetime knowledge to establishing a new breed of pony, the miniature gypsy horse.
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2 Responses to Spring is almost summer in March!

  1. Teresa says:

    Looking for a mini black & white filly. How much are you asking for them?

    • minigypsy1 says:

      There is no clear cut answer to that, as I have different options and am seeking people to plan together for a future with truly miniature gypsy horses. I will share that I have heard of a couple 13 hand range registered gypsy vanner mares who have sold for about $8500 this year. Since the idea is rather new as to how the breed can be developed very small in size, people are confused about what their value is. What is a mini gypsy to you?

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