Draft Pony Revisited

Well, I am breaking out tonight to an additional post because I am still fighting with the image uploader!

I wanted to talk a little bit about what I have already gotten excited about with gypsy pony crosses here on the farm.  I expect more than one filly I am raising to remain under 40″; and that was not considered that I would get that much of a decrease in size from the 13 hand gypsy cob sire when bred to pony mares of approximately 36″ tall. 

I had an idea that probably my stallion had heterozygous traits as far as pony vs. horse, because his mom is a 14 hand tall horse, I was told.  But he has definitely produced several babies that show pony traits vs horse traits.  And with one of my pony mares it has been more obvious, with this year’s colt being smaller and more “pony” looking vs. last year’s colt more lanky, taller and “horsey” looking. 

Our first 3/4 bred gypsy pony colt:

miniature gypsy horse

BoHo's Cool Professor ("Doc") is pictured here as a yearling, with daddy Lex in background

In March 2011 we had a stallion breed display at the Illinois Horse Fair, with our two mature stallions, as well as two sons of Lexington from 2010 who both actually expressed pony traits vs horse traits.  We are especially proud of how “Doc” is coming along and look forward to taking him back to this event next spring and letting the crowds see him as he matures.  We feel that by age five he will certainly prove to be a colt well worth keeping and contributing to the future of the miniature gypsy horse.


mini gypsy draft pony

after being shorn of burrs!

2010 Lex gave us several really nice fillies as well, and Desi may prove to be the best; sometimes I look at her half sister and wonder who I will rate highest by the time they are mature, but Desi, although she is not as friendly and sweet as Ha”Penny, has the kind of heavy bone and general structure I think will cross well with our newer stallion, The Executive.  Although Desi’s feather is not as “drippy” from the backs of her legs as Ha’Penny, she has a good spread of hair all the way around her hoof, just hinting at what her genes will let come thru with another good dose of heavy feather.   This picture unfortunately was taken after I decided to just trim away the masses of burdock seed that was stuck all over her, but I hope that you can see her nice heavy bone quality for a yearling of about 37″ tall, and that she does have a heavy hair quality around her ankles.


Lastly, I guess I will share a picture of our two Toymakker daughters, Q.T. and Dolly, when they were yearlings and during a cleanup session with their purebred pasture mates, Bellbottom Truffles and Arctic Spring: 

Gypsy cob mini vanner horse

Bluebaby's Doll, Bellbottom Truffles, Quite The Pony, Arctic Spring



About minigypsy1

Farmer's daughter raising 6th generation children on Block Farm in west central Illinois. Breeder of Australian Shepherd dogs for 30 years now, applying lifetime knowledge to establishing a new breed of pony, the miniature gypsy horse.
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2 Responses to Draft Pony Revisited

  1. minigypsy1 says:

    I’m just discovering tonight that when you double click on a photo, a larger version will come up!

  2. minigypsy1 says:

    I need to get a new picture soon of Desiderata, her mane has grown out so well over the winter, it is probably almost 10 inches long so I think she will be quite a long mane pony if I can keep her out of the weeds, LOL!

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