Mini Gypsy Fillies

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These fillies are out of 36″ range mares and sired by BoHo’s Cold Fusion, AKA Lexington “Lex” our first 13 hand tall gypsy cob stallion.

July 7, 2012

Took some new photos of the girls today.

Here around the feed pan are Quite The Pony “QT” sired by The Toymakker and out of a 44″ tall Welsh mountain pony; QT is 11.2 hands tall; her 2012 filly sired by the Executive, Desiderata 2 year old daughter of Lex/Cold Fusion still under 40″; Sere and full sister Angelica both out of mini mare Angel and sired by Lex, to mature 11 hands range.  In back is The Executive, 12.3 hands tall.

7-31-2012 I am adding some pictures of Angelica, our 2yo filly sired by Lex/Cold Fusion, 13 hand gypsy cob mini shire style, heavy bone and feather little cob horse, now in Florida.

Update 1-17-2014

In 2014 here on the farm we may have some 3/4 gypsy babies to mature 12 hand range and under, from Angelica, Sere and the little black HaPenny.  Plus the bay roan Rosie who is about 12 hands tall.  About half of the 2014 baby crop will be sired by Executive and half by 12 hand Wyatt.  There are a handful of AMHR mini mares in foal to Wyatt.

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About minigypsy1

Farmer's daughter raising 6th generation children on Block Farm in west central Illinois. Breeder of Australian Shepherd dogs for 30 years now, applying lifetime knowledge to establishing a new breed of pony, the miniature gypsy horse.
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2 Responses to Mini Gypsy Fillies

  1. Mick says:

    Melanie, how tall do you think these fillies will get?

  2. minigypsy1 says:

    The black one and the smaller piebald one I really believe will stay at 40″ or under. The other two are full sisters and I imagine they will mature in the 11 hand range. Thank you for your comment!

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